Gas Stations

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Always wanted to own your own gas station?

Now it is possible!



  • Change gas station prices
  • Change the maximum amount of gas allowed in the tanker
  • change fuel consumption
  • Edit all blips and markers & much more
  • Players are only allowed to buy one gas station
  • After the purchase, they can go to their gas station and start processing

Players can:

  • Buy more gas (If set to true in configuration, whenever they use a truck to pick up the gas)
  • Change the gas price
  • withdraw or deposit money
  • Rename their gas station
  • Transfer ownership of the gas station
  • Or sell their gas station

You can only buy a gas station that has an owner. Edit: You can now enable buying gas at gas stations that don't have an owner. The gas price at these stations can be set in the configuration file

All money that other players spend on your gas station's gas goes into your gas station's bank account

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