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A simple action bar resource that allows the player to visually indicate actions and provides a callback function to allow actions to be taken whether the event has been canceled or not.

Most of these flags are fairly self-explanatory, but there are some that have multiple options;

controlDisables | This allows you to disable some sets of controls. These are divided into 4 sets, which I most often wanted to disable at some point.

disableMovement | Default character movement disableCarMovement | Disable vehicle movement keysMouse | Move the mouse and thus the internal camera around ped disableCombat | Weapon Fire and Melee Attack Animation - Allows you to define an animation that will play while the event occurs. This has multiple options that can be used and uses cascading options to determine which to play. The highest priority is a task, then AnimDict & Anim will be used, if none of these exist but the animation list is present in the options, a hardcoded task will be used by default.

task | Highest Priority - if defined, this will be the only value used for animation animDict & anim & flags | is used Second highest priority, if the task is not defined, an attempt is made to use these values. Flags are not required, and if not provided, defaults to 1 (full body uncontrollable) empty animation { } | uses Final Fallback, if the animation list is still provided but nothing is set (or no valid names are set), the PROP_HUMAN_BUM_BIN task will be played by default. Prop - This will cause the given prop name to appear on the player's hand

model | This is the model name used to spawn the prop on player Ped.

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