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FiveM treasure system that allows treasure spawning in any place in map and adding items to it. 



  • Ability to spawn boxes anywhere in map and items to them to be looted;
  • Ability to spawn vehicles anywhere in map and add key item as a requirement;
  • When car is found and required key is in inventory car will be given to player's garage


  • esx_vehicleshop (only to use for cars, normal boxes will work without this)


  1.  And add it to your resources folder
  2. To your server.cfg file add the following lines, which will allow you to create treasure boxes and add loot to them:
start pcrp_treasure
add_ace group.admin pcrp allow


start pcrp_treasure add_ace identifier.steam. pcrp allow 
  1. Add sql.sql file query to your database.


After you added your permissions you can create boxes or cars. To do so use the following chat commands:
/addbox < ... >
/addbox beer 5 black_money 2000

You can add as many items as you want.

To add car use the same command, but as an item name use car (to specify car model) and key (to specify key needed to get the car)
/addbox car key
/addbox car t20 key carkey

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