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Basic Core (pcrp_core) is a multi-system for all scripts of PopcornRP Scripts and for developers,

therefore it is the only script of PopcornRP Scripts 3x Encrypted "FiveM Asset Escrow & Encryption as well as Obfuscated & IP Locked"


  • EasyConfigs
  • Progressbar integration for mythic, progressbar, pcrp_progressbar, and much more. (Trigger System)
  • Notification system integration for ESX, Quasar, SNZ, mythic, FeedM, pcrp_notify, t-notify, and many more. (Trigger System)
  • Anti weapon drop e.g. when you get out of a police vehicle you usually get a random weapon just like that
  • NPC settings can be activated or deactivated Violence from gangs and wild animals as well as dispatch from LSPD and MD etc.
  • Standard hud components can be activated or deactivated such as wanted stars, weapon icon, weapon wheel, and much more.
  • Disturbing sounds can be activated or deactivated like (Maze Bank Arena)
  • idlecam
  • Change seat and knock anti player off the seat
  • Easy edit language
  • Real Time
  • Sound System
  • Cutscene System (Beta Version) 
  • Join Transition System
  • Safezone System
  • Battlepass System (Trigger System)
  • Billing System (Trigger System)
  • SaltyChat VoiceRange
  • Custom Blips
  • Discord Rich Presence
  • Ragdoll
  • Desk bell System
  • Emergency NPC Medic / Doctor System
  • Pause Menu System / Server Name, Custom Text (Dicsord Link), Player ID Display
  • Team Tag Header Text System b.s.w. Supporter, moderator, administrator 
  • There are more things to follow and all of them can be activated or deactivated & edited in the configs

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